Electronic Controllers

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions designs and manufactures stepper and brushless DC controllers for aerospace applications. A variety of interfaces (1553, RS422), input voltages, and drive schemes are available. Custom requirements are welcomed.

The 2-Channel Universal Stepper Motor Controller (USMC) provides two configurable stepper motor drive circuits, suitable for driving either two independent stepper motors or one dual-redundant stepper motor pair.

The 4-Channel Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is capable of driving four independent brushless DC motor windings and is capable of interfacing with a resolver for position feedback and motor commutation.

  • The heart of the ECU is an FPGA-based controller board. Three FPGAs provide the control logic as well as perform functions such as servo control, process input commands and generation of Pulse Width Modulated outputs.
  • The ECU contains two electrically isolated sections. The motor drive circuitry is connected directly to the 28 VDC power bus, which is isolated from chassis ground. The low-level logic circuits, including the FPGA’s and telemetry, are tied to chassis ground, and are connected to the motor drivers by high-speed optocouplers.


Motion Control and Positioning