Bridge navigational watch alarm system floor (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System) to monitor the bridge buildingactivity and found that as the operator lost the ability to work may lead to accidents at sea.

BNWAS description:

Bridge navigational watch alarm system floor (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System) to monitor the bridge buildingactivity and found that as the operator lost the ability to work may lead to accidents at sea. When on duty the driver (OOW) lostthe ability to perform its duties, the system will automatically alarm to the master or other OOW.

The first system is a warning to the OOW, if not answered, then another to the master or OOW ability of the police. In addition, BNWAS OOW can provide immediate help to call measures. Whenever the bow heading or track control system operation, BNWAS it should be in working condition, but the captain except when prohibited.

HMT-BNWAS features:

Easy installation
Touch-screen design, easy operation

Alarm sequence:


Main control unit
Specification 220x220x70 / 180x180x70
IP rating IP22
Enter DC 24V
Function Control system is running, connect the autopilot, VDR and other external devices and data processing, but also the system’s main operating unit.
Power supply unit
Specification 185x160x70 / 210x150x50
IP rating IP22
Enter AC:110V/220V / DC:24V
Function Connect the external >power supply, power to the system, but also reset the unit, alarm unit junction box.
Reset unit
Specification 62x57x35
IP rating IP56
Enter DC 24V
Function Alarm reset.
Motion sensor
Specification 110x60x49
IP rating IP22
Enter 12V/24V DC
Function By detecting the body movement to determine whether the cab on duty.
Alarm unit
Specification Ф80×52 / 78x73x57 / 128x128x130
IP rating IP56,IP22
Enter 24V DC
Function Alarm


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