46-inch touch display
Friendly interface
Electronically tilted display
Built-in Navtex and GPS navigator


De AlphaChart Table has a Comprising of a phenomenal 46-inch touch display, well known from the premium bridge design, where routes can be planned on a more realistic “paper chart” scale.

By use of the digital chart table, navigators are now given an intuitive and user friendly interface to plan optimal routes by touch operation. The software gathers and overlays the data officers require, including ENC’s, weather data, tidal information, digital publications, and other services like piracy updates – all on a single 46-inch display. The console is designed in our usual trusted way, a natural fit to existing bridge designs. The display can be electronically tilted to a 35-degree angle, allowing optimal routing in the most ergonomic position. In addition to the AlphaChartTable powered by NAVTOR, the console has a built-in Navtex and GPS navigator, while at the same time leaving room for the paper chart for back up purposes.

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