Electrostatic Dischargers for Antennas

Electrostatic Dischargers for Antennas

The main purpose of an electrostatic discharger is to improve the dispersal of accumulated aircraft static charges in an effort to reduce the resultant radio interference.

The Cobham Antenna Systems’ Comant product range includes aviation antennas focusing on GPS, Communications and Navigation products for General Aviation, Light Jets and Helicopters.

Comant antennas offer a wide variety of fit, form and function options that will fit nearly every need. Comant antennas are compatible with a number of varying applications and effective in a number of differing environments.

The range includes Radiophone, DME, VHF, VOR, LOC, GS, DME, Transponder, FM, AM, UHF, L Band, ELT, and COMDAT antennas.