UHF L and S Band Antennas for Satellite applications

UHF L and S Band Antennas for Satellite applications

Cobham Antennas Systems manafacture antennas for UHF, L and S Band fixed and mobile, ground and GPS Satellite communications systems.

A range of antennas is available for fixed and mobile applications in UHF, L and S-Bands.

UHF Hemi Omni antennas are used for data transmission from weather buoys (Meteosat and NOAA) and flat panels for ground-based static links.

L-Band Hemi Omni antennas are used on vehicles for regions which are low angle to the geo-stationary satellites.

Some L-Band antennas have had GSM and GPS incorporated to provide high level of versatility.

High gain Directional antennas have narrow angles and are used for fixed locations (for SCADA) or for mobile applications on vehicles where elevation to the satellite is greater than 45 degrees.

S-Band Directional antennas for emerging markets are being developed. Unique antennas have been developed for placement on satellites for experimental work for Surrey Satellite Technology’.