Cobham Antenna Systems EXB lightweight composite telescopic masts are designed for highly mobile operations (such as battlefield communications and electronic warfare) where minimal time and man-power for deployment is available.

Cobham Antenna Systems EXB lightweight composite telescopic masts

These lightweight composite telescopic masts are push button, vehicle- mounted masts designed for rapid extension and operation without guy ropes. They are designed to extend to heights up to 15 m (payload height at 16 m above ground when vehicle-mounted) with maximum payloads of up to 130 kg.  EXB-masts are made of carbon and glass fibre.

The EXB lightweight composite telescopic masts are extended and retracted utilizing hoisting belts driven by a winch. This is an effective, well-proven technique which is more reliable under severe operating conditions (especially sand and dust). EXB-masts have a double-belt system – one belt is used for mast extension, the second belt is used to provide positive retraction to assure proper operation under adverse conditions of wind and slope.

EXB-masts are equipped with an automatic latch mechanism for controlling the order in which tube sections extend. The winch is operated by an electric Winch Power Unit (WPU) with remote control, with WPU versions available for either AC or DC power supplies. A manual hand crank is provided as a back-up for power failure.

EXB-masts can be painted in customer specific colours.

Accessories and Ancilliaries

For all of our lightweight composite telescopic masts, Cobham Antenna Systems offer a full range of accessory and ancillary products.


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