Outside Broadcast Antennas

Outside Broadcast Antennas

Outside Broadcast antennas from Cobham Antenna Systems are used within COFDM, ENG (Electronic News Gathering), News Distribution, Video Camera to Outside Broadcast van or via 3G and 4G networks

Wireless broadcast communications are an essential part of activities as varied as overhead sports arenas, around-the-world yachting, mountaineering, safari and news reporting as well as security and police monitoring and surveillance.

Outside Broadcast antennas can be mounted directly on to a video camera as well as being used for digital and video uplinks from ground or mobile vehicle to helicopter.  The light weight, small size and discreet design of these antennas makes them ideal for use for Outside Broadcast applications, whether in studio or in demanding and hazardous locations.

Directional, Omni and Ultra Wideband antennas are available ranging from 150MHz to 12.7GHz, including GSM and WLAN networks, depending on the application.  Ground base antennas for the other end of the link are also available.  New requirements for Diversity including two antennas in single housing and cross-polar (V and H polarisations or 45 degree) are available for these applications.


Microwave Antennas