Radar Antennas

Radar Antennas from Cobham Antenna Systems for Radar arrays in Stripline and Waveguide for CW Doppler, FMCW, fixed beam pulse and Reflectometer applications.

Cobham Antenna Systems understands that antenna characteristics are critical to the system performance in order to resolve the target image.

Sophisticated modelling techniques and over 20 years of experience combine to provide customers with an efficient, reliable antenna that meets their requirements exactly.  Profiled main beam, very low sidelobes, low cross polarisation, light weight and wide bandwidth (10 per cent) are some of the critical parameters that help to make a good radar antenna.

The Cobham Antenna Systems near field spherical anechoic test chamber supplies accurate patterns and 3D images to demonstrate compliance with specifications required by customers.


Microwave Antennas