Actuators and Mechanisms

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has significant heritage in actuation. All actuators are designed and manufactured in our Hauppauge facility where environmental testing such as temperature cycling, vacuum and vibration are performed.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of DC motors specifically designed for HiRel applications. Motors can be customized for specific requirements and supplied as framed or frameless, housed or with custom mounting interfaces.

Significant heritage in actuation allows Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions to build in application-dependent customer design options for motor selection, gear set, special interfaces, position feedback, and pass-through for cabling or RF.

Designs can accommodate tough environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, vacuum, radiation, dust, and corrosive atmospheres.

For more details on a specific model, click on the model number in the table below to review the data sheet.

Model # Operating Torque Motor Type
16239 1.1 in-oz. Stepper
16250 13 in-oz. Stepper
16358 18.5 in-oz. BDCM
16243 345 in-oz. Stepper
16434 60 in-lb. BDCM
16283 75.2 in-lb. Stepper
16378 1100 in-lb. BDCM
16385 2200 in-lb. BDCM
16356 1.3 in-oz. BDCM
16240 13.5 in-oz. Stepper
16229 140 in-oz. Stepper
16401 16 in-lb. Stepper
16379 65 in-lb. BDCM
16423 190 in-lb. Stepper
16362 1600 in-lb. BDCM
16296 232 ft-lb. BDCM
Motion Control and Positioning