Channelizer/Preselection for Radar

Channelizer/Preselection for Radar

High performance channelizer and preselector solutions offering fast speed switching, low insertion loss, high isolation and selectivity for radar applications.



  • UHF to Ku band
  • Contiguous or non-contiguous designs
  • Low insertion loss
  • Tight crossover frequency control
  • High selectivity
  • Lightweight aluminum package
  • Small, thin package size
  • 10s of channels
  • Fast switching speed
  • High isolation

Enabling Technologies:

  • Lumped element or combline filters
  • Embedded PIN diode control elements
  • Discrete or MMIC amplifiers
  • Si or GaAs detectors
  • Solder and MIC processes

Unique packaging techniques allow for high circuit density, high isolation, excellent thermal management, small size and low weight.

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