Schottky and Tunnel Diode Detectors

Schottky and Tunnel Diode Detectors

High sensitivity and superior electrical and environmental reliability characterize these module detectors.


Schottky Diode Module Detectors are hermetically sealed and contain internal RF matching, DC return, and RF bypass capacitor. In addition, the video port can be protected from static or transient voltages. This feature prevents damage due to handling (usually static) or system video transients. Models may be chosen for broadband RF performance or for optimized narrow bands. They may be used in microstrip or stripline applications for power monitoring, broadband ECM receivers, radar equipment, beacon or multi-channel receivers 

Each detector model contains:

  • Input Impedance Matching
  • DC return
  • RF bypass capacitor
  • Detector diode
  • Video protection diode


  • Static Protection
  • High Sensitivity
  • Small Size


  • Transmitter Monitoring
  • Radar Equipment
  • Missile Guidance Systems
  • Input to Low-Noise Amplifiers
  • Broadband Or Narrowband ECM Receivers
  • Power and Signal Monitors
  • Doppler Radar and Beacon Receivers
  • Matched units available for Multi-channel Receivers, Amplitude Comparator Systems and Discriminators
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