Synthesizers and Frequency Sources

Synthesizers and Frequency Sources

Fast switching synthesizers, frequency generation / translation and multi-channel LO generator products.


Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has been a leading provider of high performance Frequency and Signal Generation products for over 40 years. Our systems are designed to meet the stringent phase noise, spurious and harmonic specifications demanded by our customers.  We provide custom and standard Frequency Synthesizer models for all high-performance applications.

Our synthesizers combine decades of experience with the latest technology to offer exceptional performance and outstanding value for our customers.

  • Integer N
  • Fractional N
  • DDS
  • Mixed or Multiple
  • Single or Multiple frequency outputs
  • Custom Synthesizers
  • Local Oscillators (LO’s)
  • Reference Oscillators
  • Digitally Controlled Oscillators (DCXO)
  • Microwave Multipliers


RF, Microwave and Millimeterwave Microelectronics