Sea Tel 9711 IMA with C/Ku Switchable Feeds

Sea Tel 9711 IMA with C/Ku Switchable Feeds

Sea Tel 9711 IMA (Integrated Maritime Antenna) System is a 3-axis marine stabilized antenna system compatible with C, Ku and X-band satellites


It combines a C-band circular/ linear Switchable Feed as well as a Ku-band cross/copol switchable feed with sub-reflector. The combination allows switching from C-band operation to Ku-band operation electronically and eliminates the need to manually change the feed.

The Ku-band sub-reflector has been designed to optimize the RF performance of the 2.4 meter antenna. This patented state-of-the-art design is second to none when it comes to RF performance.

Tx/Rx All-In-One Antenna

The Sea Tel 9711 IMA features a 2.4 meter radical offset antenna for both the C-band and Ku-band operation. This offset design provides the most efficient 2.4 meter antenna in the market today. Software has been specially designed to switch from C to Ku-band operation in a matter of seconds.

Easy Automation

By eliminating the need to manually change feeds when switching between bands, the Sea Tel 9711 IMA is incredibly cost effective. A technician is no longer required to be dispatched for making configuration changes., eliminating offline time for a vessel while switching between networks.

Seamless Operation

The Sea Tel 9711 IMA system is fully compatible with OpenAmip and ABS technology. By combining multiple option files in a single modem, the user can make near seamless transitions from C band circular A Pol to B Pol, C-band linear, and Ku-band satellites.

State-of-the-art Platform

The Sea Tel 9711 IMA Systems utilize the IMA architecture currently used on our XX12 series products. It features an Integrated Control Unit (ICU) that offers a single box electronic control solution to maintain the best and most efficient pointing accuracy. With its extended web based secured user interface, built-in remote management capabilities, it offers easy integration into network management systems through its Media Xchange Point (MXP).

Secure Solution

The web user interface, accessible from practically any internet enabled device, including mobile devices, features Secured Socket Layer (SSL) password protection and multi-level data analysis capability for ease of use and added security. The Sea Tel 9711 IMA systems with C/Ku switchable feeds are the cutting edge, top-of-the-line solutions for your top per formance maritime communication needs.



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