Sea Tel USAT30 VSAT offers superb performance and pointing accuracy to ensure high quailty connectivity, even on the edge of the satellite footprint.


Small, but perfectly formed

Sea Tel USAT30 VSAT is an aesthetically pleasing compact and lightweight design, so is suitable for installation on sun-drenched luxury vessels, but still rugged enough for workboats and ships. The platform is designed to become part of a vessel, regardless of what the vessel is used for. It withstands the harshest weather nature can throw at it and keeps on delivering broadband Internet and high quality voice calling without fail.

Leading technology

Sea Tel USAT30 VSAT is a 75 cm Ultra Small Aperture Terminal marine stabilized antenna system for broadband connectivity. It leverages leading technology concepts to reduce size whilst matching performance of some larger antennas. An innovative stabilization system isolates the antenna from the vessel’s motion no matter how extreme the weather and rough the seas. The antenna system responds to movement at a rate as fast as 90 degrees per second ensuring accurate pointing and therefore a stable connection 24/7.

No compromises

Though a small package, Sea Tel USAT30 VSAT is not designed for compromise. It is packed with high performance features that track satellites faster than the wind can change direction or the tides can swell and its higher carrier to noise ratio enables highly reliable communications. The technology is a result of over 10 million person hours of development, and when you consider Cobham SATCOM’s experience in designing VSAT antennas for Naval vessels, oil rigs and highly advanced offshore vessels you can be confident of Sea Tel USAT30 VSAT’s ability to perform on your super yacht, mega yacht or workboat.

Easy installation and maintenance

The compact form factor of Sea Tel USAT30 VSAT makes it suitable for any vessel where deck space is at a premium. If you need an antenna that can provide reliability and availability of service, but with a smaller footprint on board, then Seatel USAT 30 is for you. The system can be installed in hours, thanks to its ability to work with or without ship’s gyros and the advanced 19″ rack mount DAC 2202 Antenna Control Unit, which offers the same ports and connections as our larger antennas. The antenna is easy to maintain and can be accessed remotely from anywhere and anytime.


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