Paper base recording system

Flexible operation and recording system
Automatic frequency selection
Synthesised receiver
Automatic frequency selection


The JAX-91 weather facsimile receiver is a paper base recording system. The new weatherfax is very user-friendly as it has an automatic printout function. The JAX-91 shares the same reliability as its predecessor, but integrates a set of new and enhanced functions, such as a suitable frequency selection based upon checking wave propagation. Additionally, frequency selection and timer operation in the same broadcasting station areas are significantly enhanced. l operations can be remotely controlled to automatically start up, set parameters, receiving images, feed paper, and stop by remote signals from the broadcasting stations. Only halftone recording is manually controlled. You can manually set the index of co-operation (IOC), scanning speed, and the halftone recording. The JAX-91 automatically records the stops in this mode. The period of the start and stop modes, station frequencies, and half-tone on/off are easy programmable. Whilst combined with the fully automatic mode, and unattended, error-free operation is made possible.