Echo Sounder / Fish Finder

High visibility
Clear detection
A-Scope display
Distinction (mix) mode


JRC’s JFC-130 echo sounder incorporates a 10.4” high definition color LCD display. The innovative display modes allow you to select and view four kinds of 16 color gradations and background colors. Day and night mode is also available to support particular daytime operations.

Keys and controls on the operation panel are minimized. Sensitivity, clutter rejection and STC are finely adjustable depending upon sea areas, seasons and fishing methods. Three types of fishing ground or fish species can be displayed and stored. Once they are on-screen, any type of fishing ground of fish species can be set and reset to another type by simply pushing the CUSTOM button. The adoption of a zero-line function, the new transducer makes the line finer. The high-speed emission of 600 (JFC-130) and 300 (JFC-130HP) pulses or more per minute enables small fish in the surface water to be clearly detected. The bottom enlargement display in 16 color gradations discriminates bottom fish from the sea bottom distinctly.