Marine Tankscape™

MED ‘Wheel marked’ for use on all tankers
Up to 5 gases can be simultaneously measured and displayed
Infra-red technology for reliable inert atmosphere monitoring
Simple calibration with tamper-proof certificate printing on-board
Internal pump with high flow rate to minimise tank sampling times
Enhanced data logging with tank identification to simplify result analysis

Inerted Cargo Tank & Confined Space Gas Monitoring

The Marine Tankscape™ is versatile yet simple to use. It offers reliable Zone 1 atmosphere monitoring using infrared technology to detect up to 5 gases simultaneously. It was designed after extensive consultation with shipowners, ship managers, and shipping personnel. The result is a range of 7 instruments dedicated to the marine market.

The feature-rich range of instruments are suitable for all marine applications including confined space monitoring, cargo monitoring and inerting. 5 gases can be simultaneously measured and displayed. The hydrocarbon range, which utilises the latest infrared technology, can be calibrated with butane, propane or methane. The Marine Tankscape™ comes complete with an impressive suite of application software. The bespoke software allows on-board calibration and the ability to print tamper-proof calibration certificates. It comes with a built-in pump that is able to draw a sample from 30m – other solutions require a pump to be purchased as an add on.


Portable Gas Detection