More for your money – includes more tests as standard than any other kit
Simplest kit on the market that anybody can use – no glass ampoules or messy Thio-Bags
Affordable spares – incredibly economical
Guaranteed on-board testing compliance – MLC2006, IMO guidelines and flag state requirements
Upgrade to Drinksafe MAX™ or add a Sewage Water Effluent test kit

On-board Potable Water Testing Kit

DrinkSafe™ is an easy to use, accurate potable water testing kit designed to last 18 MONTHS and meet all compliance requirements, including GUARANTEED compliance with MLC 2006 on-board testing.

Being the easiest to use and most cost-effective kit on the market, there’s good reason that the world’s largest shipping companies trust DrinkSafe™ to take care of the well-being of their crew and passengers.

Benefits of DrinkSafe™

GUARANTEED COMPLIANCE – Guaranteed to meet MLC 2006. For full compliance of all charters’ requirements, you can also upgrade to DrinkSafe MAX™.

MORE FOR YOUR MONEY – We supply more tests as standard than any other kit – offering the lowest average cost per test guaranteed.

LONG-LASTING – Don’t settle for kits with a 3-month shelf-life. Our comprehensive kits are designed to last 18-months.

SAFE & EASY – The simplest equipment on the market that anybody can use. Guaranteed or your money back! There are no glass ampoules (which means no breakages), no instruments for calibration, no messy Thio-Bags, and finally no need for sample dilution pots.

AFFORDABLE SPARES – Incredibly economical – just replace the parts you’ve used. There’s no need to buy a new kit every time.

DrinkSafe™ Includes:

  • 500 DPD1 free chlorine tests with comparator disc
  • 500 DPD3 total chlorine tests with comparator disc
  • 500 pH tests with comparator disc
  • 250 high range chlorine (super-chlorination) tests with comparator disc
  • Colour comparator, test tubes, tablet crusher and brush
  • 25 e-coli/coliforms tests with sterile containers
  • 40 Bacterial plate tests with syringes
  • Incubator and UV lamp
  • Goggles and disposable gloves
  • Test logbook
  • Manual and training DVD – shows you how to take samples and do the tests
Potable Water Testing