SG05 Autopilot – Optimus Steering Integration

SG05 Autopilot – Optimus Steering Integration

The Simrad SG05 Autopilot with Optimus Steering integration allows boaters with Optimus EPS power steering or Optimus 360 joystick docking control systems to benefit from the unique features and performance of an award-winning Simrad autopilot. Thanks to the unique integration of the Simrad SG05 with Optimus steering, there is no requirement for an additional hydraulic pump to be installed, saving boaters’ time and money. The Simrad SG05 can be installed in minutes, whether for use on a new boat, or as a retrofit solution.

Product Details

SeaStar Solutions Approved
Approved control system interface that is simple to install, whether retrofitting or equipping a new boat

Easy to use
Control via Simrad AP24, AP28 or OP10 display units for quick and easy use.

Cost Effective
No need to install an additional autopilot pump, can be installed in minutes saving costly labour fees.

Steer to a waypoint, heading or set turn pattern
Make the most of time on the water by using turn patterns such as a U turn, Spiral turn and many more – the SG05 can even initiate a zigzag turn.

CAN-bus data connectivity
The SG05’s connection to Optimus steering systems via the CAN-bus data network requires no additional hydraulic pump

Full system Integration
The Simrad SG05 fully integrates with Simrad navigation systems via NSS, NSE and NSO multifunction display ranges.


Weight 0,1kg (0,2 lbs)
Compass Safe 0,5m (19,7″)
Operating Temperature Range 0C to +55C (+32F to +131F)
Supply Voltage 12-16V via CAN
Warranty Period 2 years
NMEA 2000 Connectivity 2x SimNet ports, 2 LEN.
Storage Temperature Range -30C to +70C (-22F to +131F)
Power Consumption max 75mA
Power Consumption typical 75mA
Dimensions W x H x D 94,5 x 26 x 33,2mm (3,72 x 1,02 x 1,31″)
Mounting Type Bulkhead
Engine Drive systems integration CAN
Waterproofrating IP44