• Speed over ground (SOG) in three axis (Docking mode)
  • Colour 9\” touch screen with day/night screens
  • NMEA 0183 output
  • GPS and GLONASS Speed

The SKIPPER SATLOG SL1200 is a three axis speed log. It is providing longitudinal and fore/aft transversal ship speed over ground (SOG). The SKIPPER SATLOG SL1200 provides accurate navigation parameters measured as they happen, and presented in a logical, user friendly way.



Log SATLOG SL1200 Units
Number of Axis
  • 3
Speed range longitudinal
  • +/-99,9
Speed range transversal
  • +/-99,9
  • Dual GLONASS/GPS’ speed.
  • Transmitting Heading Device (THD).
  • GNSS type NV08C-CSM.GPS L1 : 1575.42 MHz.GLONASS L1: 1602.0 MHz for Fk=0 where k= (-7 to +13) channel spacing 562.5 kHz
Bottom track All depths meter
Accuracy (better than)
  • <0.2 or 2% whatever is greater
Power Supply
  • AC:115/230 VAC
  • DC: 20-32 V
Power Consumption
  • Display 5W
  • Electronic unit 10W
  • Multi – PanelPC 9\\\\\\\\” touch display, Resolution 800×480
IP rating display
  • 22
IP rating antenna
  • 66
Mounting Dimensions
  • 224,5 mm wide x 140 mm high display
  • 100 mm height, 180 mm width, 780 mm long antenna
  • 1.2 kgs, display
  • 3 kgs antenna
  • 2 kgs junction box
  • English
  • Year-month-day/hour-min (taken from GPS)
Cable needed
  • Not included.
  • 4 TSP (Twisted, shielded pairs) Min 0.5mm. Max length 100m
  • Outer cable dimension 10-14mm
NMEA Outputs
  • VLW: Distance travelled over ground.
  • VTG***: Actual course and speed relative to the ground.
  • VBW: Dual ground/Water speed
  • DDC Dimming command output
  • GPS Gyro and status
  • HDT*: Actual vessel heading in degrees True produced by any device or system producing true heading.
  • ROT*: Rate of turn and direction of turn.
  • THS*: Actual vessel heading in degrees True produced by any device or system producing true heading.
  • GSA**: Satellite DOP and active satellites.
  • GSV**:Number of satellites in view,satellite ID, elevation, azimuth and
  • SNR.Postion and time signals
  • GGA*: Time, position and fix related data.
  • GLL*(***):Longitude and latitude of vessel position, time of position fix and status.

*This sytem is speed log and cannot be used as primary source of other types of information.

** Only available on the LAN port

*** Position, course over ground and heading is only to be used as secondary sources

  • 1xLAN (IEC61192-450)
  • 1xNMEA0183 Output (IEC61192-1)
  • 2xNMEA 0183 Inputs (IEC61192-1)
  • Made to IMO performance standard
  • Available in most major harbours, world-wide through extensive dealer network
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