ETF38E 38 kHz Transducer

SKIPPER 11×19° (SKIPPER Item no. ETF38E) External mount housing

Excellent performance at 38 kHz is provided by a thirteen-element piezoceramic assembly mounted in a durable, SEALCAST, urethane housing. This design provides high source level capability, low sidelobes, low ringing, and maximum reliability. Used with our urethane fairing, the installation will be quicker, and the fairing will not swell or rot.


  • Very high source. level capability for good deep water performance
  • Low sidelobe minimize spurious echoes
  • Low ringing for good discrimination of fish targets
  • Seamless SEALCAST urethane housing for long life underwater
  • Streamlined shape reduces drag
  • Blister housing minimizes installation cost.


  •  Housing material: cast urethane
  • Standard cable type: C37-shielded twisted pair (2-18 AWG) with braided shield, black neoprene jacket, 9 mm (3/8\”) diameter
  • Standard cable length: 15 m (50\’)
  • Weight: 6 kg (13 lb.)
  • Individually packaged
  • Installation kit: stainless steel nuts & bolts with foam plugs
  • Accommodates hull thickness: Max. no fairing 234 mm (9 i/4\”) M x. with fairing157 mm (63/16\”)


  • Commercial fishing vessels
  • Compatible with any hull material

Performance data


Frequency – Airmar Piezoceramic Designator 38kHz – D
Beamwidth at – 3dB 11° x 19°
Beamwidth at – 6dB 15° x 26°
Beamwidth at – 10dB 19° x 33°
Q 7
Rated RMS Power, W 1200
Voltage Responses: TransmdB it/Receive 168/-171
Figure of Merit (Insertion Loss) dB -10
Acoustic Window Material Urethane
Parallel Rp, ohms 60
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