EODS Training and Facilities

EODS Training and Facilities

Cobham has developed a powerful fully-immersive virtual-reality system to support training of leading-edge Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and mine detection technologies.

The system brings a new level of flexibility, mobility and cost-efficiency to this key area of training by simulating traditional training techniques in a computer-generated environment.

A key issue for military and humanitarian organisations is delivery of improved effectiveness in Explosive Ordnance Detection (EOD) and mine clearance training at an affordable price. Current training practices are a mix of classroom study and practical work on purpose-built training lanes. In the military environment, this is becoming increasingly important as EOD capabilities are now introduced as part of every soldier’s basic training.

Cobham has developed a fully-immersive virtual reality (VR) training system, which allows a student to be virtually transported to a location and environment, representative of where equipment will be used. In this computer-generated world, the student can learn how to use leading-edge detectors, such as MINEHOUND, on virtual training lanes.

The immersive virtual reality system consists of a headset worn by the student, and ergonomically representative hand-held detector coupled to an accurate three-dimensional tracking system and a PC that hosts the synthetic environment.


VR C-IED Features and Training Benefits

System features:

  • Realistic simulated training
  • Fully immersive environment
  • Instructor defined scenarios
  • Quantitative assessment
  • Video playback / learning
  • Training benefits:
  • Lower ratio of instructor to students
  • Higher throughput of students
  • All weather operation
  • Efficient update of threat database
  • Lower through-life costs


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