EXL Lightweight composite telescopic masts are mechanical winch and belt operated masts. They are designed for heavier top loads than EX-Masts, and are available in three sizes.

EXL telescopic masts are made of carbon and glass fibre composite material. The masts are delivered with full field deployment accessory kits. These lightweight composite telescopic masts can be supplemented with a wide range of mounting kits for vehicles and shelters.  Please see Cobham’s range of accessories and ancillaries for more information.

EXL-masts are deployed by two or three persons and are elevated with a hand-cranked winch or by an optional electric winch motor unit. The entire mast is rotatable by 360°. In EXL-masts sections open one by one and an automatic mechanical locking mechanism allows guying each lower section separately during winching up. This allows safe handling of heavier top loads especially under windy conditions.

EXL-masts can be painted in customer specific colours.

Accessories and Ancilliaries

For all of our lightweight composite telescopic masts, Cobham Antenna Systems offer a full range of accessory and ancillary products.


Lightweight Telescopic and Tactical Masts