MIMO Antennas

MIMO antennas, from Cobham, are compact and rugged with increased diversity-gain using dual-polarisation.

MIMO is the use of multiple antennas at either the transmitter or receiver, or both, to improve communication performance. In order to achieve optimum performance both the transmitter and receiver must support MIMO.

To provide the greatest benefit to the customer the majority of Cobham’s MIMO antennas take advantage of ‘polarisation diversity’. This means using orthogonal polarisations within the same aperture, either Vertical and Horizontal or ±45° polarisations.

This avoids the need for multiple units placed a number of wavelengths apart and results in compact antenna units which are highly efficient. This allows for significant increases in data throughput without requiring additional bandwidth and provides cost savings in antenna installation.

  • Increased diversity-gain using dual-polarisation
  • Space-efficient antennas
  • Polarisation diversity (vertical and horizontal, ±45° dual-slant or right and left circular)
  • Greater coverage using multiple sector antennas in conjunction with higher order MIMO systems (eg 4 x 4)
  • Minimise signal drop-out for a moving source


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