Tactical Communications Antennas - Link16

Tactical Communications Antennas – Link16

Link16 Tactical Communications, Ground to Air Omni and Sector antennas, from Cobham Antenna Systems are used for terrestrial and naval applications, communicating with airborne platforms.

Designed for extreme environmental conditions these rugged antennas have been combat tested in severe conditions without affecting the performance or inhibiting mission requirements.

The Cobham Antenna Systems range of Link16 Omni antennas features gain from 0dBi to 8.5dBi and up to 200 Watts power rating. New Sector developments provide a range of antennas gains from 5 to 13dBi and azimuth beamwidths from 120 to 180 degrees. Combinations of 120 degree or 180 degree azimuth beams can provide all-round coverage and allow extension of range.

Band pass and IFF Notch Filters can also be supplied to enhance the use of the system when in certain RF hostile environments.


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