DAS Antennas

DAS antennas are a range of antennas for In-Building Wireless communications for improved call connection services, from PMR, TETRA, Wireless LAN or cellular (3G, 4G and Beyond).

Cellular DAS (Distributed Antenna System) combined with In-Building communication enhancement systems are used to extend the signal in areas where RF penetration from standard external base stations cannot reach their mobile systems (phones and computers), such as in areas below ground level, or deep inside buildings.

Wideband and multi-band antennas have been developed for wall and ceiling mounting (disguised or hidden) so that as the demand on radio frequency bands increases, Cobham Antenna Systems will have the right antennas to cover this eventuality.

Further antenna developments in the bands from 150MHz to 6GHz are in progress as this market develops due to the growing use of mobile communication devices, coupled with higher frequencies (for greater bandwidth) for 4G, 5G, Wireless LAN, LTE and WiMAX.

Technical data and radiation patterns are available on request.


Microwave Antennas