Zero Cogging Brushless DC Motors

Zero Cogging Brushless DC Motors

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions offers a wide range of cog-free brushless DC motors for aerospace applications.

Should the user’s requirements not fall between the wide variety of sizes and performance characteristics available, Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions will be happy to tailor a motor for a specific application. Customizations can include size variations, winding characteristics, performance characteristics and physical mounting requirements.

The catalog has motors ranging in size from 1 inch to 20 inches in diameter and up to 4.45 inches long. Torques from in-oz. to ft-lb ranges are available. Each motor size has a variety of winding configurations available. The motors are available with external rotors (AZ model numbers) and internal rotors (Z model numbers)

The catalog has several indices, which can be used to begin the selection process without thumbing through each individual data sheet. Additional detailed information is available by contacting the factory.


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