Spring-Loaded (SL) Coaxial Multi-Port Connector

Spring-Loaded (SL) Coaxial Multi-Port Connector

The spring-loaded (SL) multi-port connector is a specially developed coaxial interface system designed to satisfy high-performance interconnections not previously achievable with multi-port connectors. Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions can provide individual assemblies or complete multi-port assemblies.


The SL connector conforms to such stringent cable assembly specifications as MIL-T-81490 and MIL-DTL-87104. There is no performance degradation when SL cable assemblies are exposed to harsh environments such as extreme vibration, shock, temperature and humidity levels.

To enhance the utility of the SL interconnector system, the following features have been incorporated:

Each cable assembly is individually sealed

  • In the field, individual cable assemblies are inserted and removed easily from the rear of the housing
  • A single housing can accept transmission lines of different cable sizes
  • Low VSWR and insertion loss to 18.5 GHz

A complete family of compatible interface test adapters, terminations, and pigtail assemblies are available.

Housings are available in several configurations. All ports need not be used, but could be available for future additional cables.  Rack and panel or thumbscrew mounts are available for securing the connectors. Other configurations are available upon request.

Assemblies with Contacts for ARINC and MIL-DTL-38999 Housings

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions had developed contacts for use in readily available housings to provide low loss multi-port harnesses for less demanding airborne and ground environments.  Assemblies with Size 8 and Size 12 contacts (usually used on FA19RX cable) are available for use with M38999 housings for broadband operation in a small convenient package. Multi-port harnesses incorporating these Cobham precision contacts provide reliable operation to 18 GHz with a low VSWR comparable with that of individual assemblies. Installation and removal is accomplished with standard M38999 tools. We can provide individual assemblies or complete multi-port assemblies. One caution: these precision contacts cannot be mated with commercially available M39029 coaxial contacts.

Assemblies with Size 1 and Size 5 contacts are used with ARINC housings to provide reliable operation in commercial and military aircraft for critical applications such as TCAS and Mode-S.

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