Suzuki S-1400 Sonar

  • 10.4\” colour LCD screen
  • 220 kHz frequency
  • Transceiver unit mounted in display unit
  • Designed to fit in small to mid-sized fishing vessels
  • Low-profile hull unit for space saving installation
  • Lowest cost searchlight sonar



Power Supply DC: 20-30 V DC
Power consuption 70 W
Display 10.4” TFT colour LCD (640 x 480
Weight on display 6 kg included mounting bracket
Weight on hull unit 17 kg without trunk pipe
Display mode 1. Sonar mode
2. Data display
3. Off-center mode + data display
4. Bottom scan mode + data display
Range 0-300 m
Units Meter, fathoms and feet
Freque ncy 220 kHz
TX output power 800 W
Colour 8 colours and colour palette
Tilt angle +/- 5° to – 90° at 1° step
Stroke 120-200 mm
7 seconds
Maximum vessel
15 knots ( 10 knots when lowering/rising)
Output Trigger signal
Input NMEA 0183
Other functions Operation mode (2 types)
Off center
Train correct
Power reduction
Pulse width
Colour selection
Gain control
Dynamic range
Noise reduction
Threshold control
Brightness adjustment
Hoist sensor lamp
Interference reduction
Target lock
Auto retraction (option)
Service Available in most major harbours,
world-wide through extensive dealer network
Fishery Sonars