VisionMaster Net

Simple. Solid. Smart.

VisionMaster Net is the networked bridge solution from Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, the industry leader for system quality and support. It simplifies deployment, increases system availability and creates the foundation for “big data” on the vessel to improve operational efficiency, while reducing through-life costs.

Current systems

Current Integrated Bridge Systems are often cable intense, with many point-to-point connections between components that are slow to install, difficult to service and typically less resilient. Functionality is often hardware-based, which is costly to maintain if a service engineer is required on board or components need to be replaced. And such systems do not enable the ship-to-shore data that will drive improved operational efficiencies.

VisionMaster Net

VisionMaster Net’s distributed architecture is easier to install with fewer components to connect and less cables to pull, while increasing resilience through a fully redundant network. Its modular design allows any combination of equipment to be easily integrated over an Ethernet ring, using standard cables to simplify installation further.

The system offers complete flexibility in how panel PC displays are configured, which take up less space in the bridge design to suit any size of vessel. Its intuitive interface minimises the need for re-training and increased software functionality enables more efficient maintenance and upgrades. VisionMaster Net is the networked bridge solution that helps ship owners and shipyards remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

Complete solution

VisionMaster Net provides the infrastructure for a networked bridge solution that incorporates the full VisionMaster Net family of products: Radar, Chart Radar, ECDIS, Conning Information Display, Central Alert Manager and TotalWatch. All VisionMaster Net products are designed with common hardware platforms and a consistent user interface for more efficient bridge management and enhanced safety at sea.



VisionMaster Net

Easy to install

VisionMaster Net’s distributed architecture makes installation much easier, with fewer components to connect and less cables to pull. All elements have industry standard interfaces for either CAT6 Ethernet or fibre optic cabling, to meet any cable length requirements and any bridge layout.

Easy to integrate

The system is designed as a modular network over an Ethernet ring for all sensors required in a bridge system, including the radar transceiver. Any combination of VisionMaster Net and third party equipment can be easily integrated into any configuration to create a networked bridge solution for any vessel.

Increased flexibility

VisionMaster Net allows more flexibility in how displays are configured. Any data feeds can be shown on any screen to optimise situational awareness. The system’s panel PCs take up less space and allow more flexibility in designing the bridge layout. And the overall reduction in system components make it suitable for installation on the smallest vessels to the largest container ships.

Easy to use

VisionMaster Net uses the same intuitive interface as VisionMaster FT, with the same uniform presentation of screens to streamline navigational tasks and optimise time for observation and decision-making. This minimises the need for re-training, which simplifies implementation.




VisionMaster Net

Increased resilience

VisionMaster Net’s ring topology provides a higher level of redundancy than conventional point-to-point systems. It also supports dual-homed LAN configurations for full redundancy, ensuring there is no single point of failure. And the system’s simplified design, with less components, less connections and less cabling, helps increase resilience and overall system availability.

Complete support

VisionMaster Net is backed up by Sperry Marine’s global service network, which is one of the most extensive in the industry. This encompasses over 150 in-house service engineers based in 20 offices worldwide, complemented by more than 100 service representatives. All marine service engineers are continually trained and certified to the highest standards.

They provide a full turnkey service from requirements analysis, installation, preventative service and maintenance, to provision of spare parts and on-call shipboard services in every major seaport on a 24/365 basis to minimise operational downtime.



VisionMaster Net

Improved operational efficiency

VisionMaster Net provides the foundation for big data on the vessel, to collect whatever navigational data is needed from ship sensors to improve operational efficiency. It enables smart maintenance of on-board systems to reduce downtime and through-life costs, and improve in-port turnaround times when repairs are required.

It supports e-navigation for ship-to-shore route planning and optimisation, so changes can be made during the passage to reduce fuel costs, meet schedules or avoid bad weather.

Reduced through-life costs

VisionMaster Net is designed to be more cost-efficient throughout the system’s life. Its distributed architecture reduces the number of components to connect, and therefore labour costs to pull and terminate fewer cables.

Industry standard interfaces across all components allow the use of CAT6 Ethernet or fibre optic cabling rather than higher-cost custom cables. Increased software functionality removes the need for an interswitch, while enabling more efficient upgrades instead of costly hardware replacement.



VisionMaster Net

System Comparison

Current Integrated
Bridge Systems

VisionMaster Net

High number of non-standard components

Reduced number of components

High number of cables

Simplified cabling

Specialised cabling

Standard Ethernet / fibre optic cabling

Point-to-point connections

Ring topology

High installation costs

Low installation costs

Mostly hardware-based functionality

Mostly software-based functionality

Limited system integration

High level of system integration

The diagram below shows the network architecture for VisionMaster Net compared to VisionMaster FT, with less components to install and less cables to pull, which makes the overall installation process much easier.


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