Defence Integrated Bridge System


Defence Integrated Bridge System

At Your Command

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine offers a wide range of cutting-edge solutions for naval surface vessels. The Defence Integrated Navigation and Bridge System of Sperry Marine encompasses a mixture of commercial off-the-shelf and defence equipment depending on the mandated shock levels at the individual position. Configurations range from bridge sizes for small patrol crafts up to sophisticated bridge systems for large naval vessels.

Cutting-Edge Marine Solutions

Over 70 Navies and Coast Guards worldwide are using the Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine solutions to support their activities. The Defence Integrated Bridge System supports all navigation functions required by naval vessels, e.g. Naval Radar, (W)ECDIS and Machinery Control Systems, making it the leading product.

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine’s Defence Integrated Bridge System (IBS) has been developed and supplied to meet a broad range of ships’ bridge integration requirements. Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine is leader in Integrated Bridge Systems and the development of applications to meet requirements.

Key Benefits of the Defence Integrated Bridge System:

  • Affordable solutions with affordable Commercial Off the Shelve (COTS) technology
  • Integration of the Navigation and Surveillance Data on the Bridge
  • Ability to interface with multiple third party equipment through the Navigation Data Distribution System and/or VisionMaster FT System
  • Exchange of Common Operating Picture, Intercept/Way Points, Commands with C4ISR/Heli/Interceptors

Integrated Bridge System Modules

Defence Integrated Bridge System

The VisionMaster FT Defence Integrated Bridge solution meets both the requirements for safe navigation as well as multi-mission support capabilities on patrol and auxiliary vessels. The flexible Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) platform, combined with various IBS modules, supports the missions of every vessel.

Optimum Situational Awareness

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine navigation technology provides optimum situational awareness for the ships’ watch officers in carrying out their missions. Multifunctional Workstations are available to combine all nautical functions with a further option for integrating specific military applications and other ship system operations. Having all data processed simultaneously at all workstations not only simplifies works, it also increases level of safety and enables full flexibility for data access from any place on the bridge. The multi-function workstations provide high scalability for individual configurations, ranging from stand-alone radars to full integrated workplaces and future system extensions.

The standard Integrated Bridge System modules are:

  • VisionMaster FT Integrated Bridge System providing TotalWatch multi-functional displays including radar, charting, conning and central alarm monitoring capabilities, combined with world leading heading reference sensors, electric steering systems and communication systems for safely navigating the vessel
  • Naval Features supports the crew with guiding helicopters, tracking fast moving targets, intercept guidance, exchanging data with other systems on board and support of covered operations
  • Surveillance Capabilities add additional sensors to the bridge, such as Surveillance Radars, EO/IR Camera’s and Radio Direction finders to support the detection and identification of small targets in high sea states and littoral areas and provide valuable information to improve the Situational Awareness on the vessel
  • Tactical Data Exchange adds the ability to exchange Common Operating Picture data, waypoints, intercept points, commands and acknowledgements between the vessel, deployed assets (Helicopter, Interceptor) and C4ISR systems on board a command vessel or with shore based facilities

Seamless Integration

The Defence Integrated Bridge System provides seamless integration between all systems on board and a common information basis that supports safe navigation and multiple missions from the bridge. The common framework allows integration of sensor data, sub-systems and components such as small target trackers, 2D radars can be added, replaced or removed to create customised solutions or to adapt system configuration with changing operational need. In addition it can be easily interfaced with third party equipment.


IBS Capabilities

Defence Integrated Bridge System

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine’s Defence Integrated Bridge System (IBS) is designed to make navigation more efficient, to help reduce ships‘ running costs, to ease installation and to simplify operation for users.

The Defence IBS features an intelligent Multifunctional Workstation that not only combines nautical functions such as Radar, Chart Radar, (W)ECDIS and Conning Information Display but also permits the integration of additional applications and data. Its scalability makes it perfectly suitable to meet the requirements of any ship type, from a basic system without all IBS required functions, to a more advanced system compliant with Basic Performance Standards.

Flexible Solutions

Based upon consistent system architecture, the IBS capabilities also include single service orientated applications, with a standardised interface for monitoring, controlling, data handling and alert management, for quick reaction and interpertation of data. In addition, the system can be configured to include data links with ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications to combine operational data such as tracks, overlays, screenshots, video, or mission data from various land- and sea-based sources.

The level of flexibility offered by the defence IBS provides significant advantages over less integrated approaches, which often only interface separate, non-integrated systems without using consistent and unified system architecture.

Included Features:

  • Voyage planning and real-time navigation tracking
  • Track steering ship control
  • Radar contact track and video overlay
  • Interfaces to the machinery control systems
  • Moving haven / water space management
  • Position uncertainty fix expansion
  • Lines of position navigation fix capability
  • CO password protect of approved voyage plans

Defence Services 24/7

Defence Integrated Bridge System

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine provide a range of defence services. These services include newbuild systems and  retrofit solutions for navigation and control systems on board naval surface ships and submarines. A global network of experienced service engineers take responsibility for all  installations, providing 24/7 support around the world. Consultancy through life and service support is offered through highly skilled and experienced service engineers and service partners.

Life Support Services

At Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, defence services and support are given for the entire life cycle of the equipment. Life-support services include early customer consulting and customised designs, competent program management, obsolescence management and customised proposals for Integrated Logistic Support and Performance Based Logistic.

You will benefit from reliable systems with maximum operation times and reduced costs, for logistics and ship operation.

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