VisionMaster FT TotalWatch


VisionMaster FT TotalWatch

Complete control

The multifunction VisionMaster FT TotalWatch offers complete control and flexibility for bridge manning. It easily displays Radar, Chart Radar and ECDIS in any combination and configuration to suit different navigational situations. Further performance features include dual display TotalWatch configuration and chair-mounted track-ball control.

Ultimate Situational Awareness

With all functions in one workstation, the TotalWatch brings ultimate situational awareness to the operator for safe navigation. The flexible widescreen display optimizes full-screen viewing of charts at the click of a button, with disappearing menu bars and menus when not in use.

The TotalWatch is extremely user friendly with intuitive handling of the display supported by Windows. It offers optimal configuration to suit user needs and provides navigation data that is available to any watchstander at any given time.

Key Benefits of TotalWatch System:

  • All navigation data is available at any time, enhancing performance and increasing safety
  • The flexibility enables reduced bridge configuration and manning, resulting in cost savings
  • Common user interface in all watch modes for safe operation
  • Adaptable workstation to suit every bridge configuration
  • Optional dual-display configuration, fuel management, CCTV and 3D view

Reduced Manning Time and Costs

With a fusion of navigation technologies in one console, the VisionMaster FT TotalWatch radar system decreases the need for manning, majorly reducing costs as well as supporting single-watchkeeper bridge requirements.


Multi-function System Gallery

VisionMaster FT TotalWatch

The multifunction workstation TotalWatch can be provided as a Deck Standing or Desktop version for flexibility and personal configuration.

The workstation provides intelligent functions for safe navigation, exceeding IMO requirements for additional safety at sea. Based on the VisionMaster FT software, the TotalWatch offers information quickly and support the ship’s safe navigation and route planning.

View the TotalWatch multi-function system in the gallery.


Standard Features

VisionMaster FT TotalWatch

Using the same interface throughout its range of products, the VisionMaster FT series makes it easy to upgrade from Radar to TotalWatch and proves efficient operation and minimized training.
Like all VisionMaster FT systems, TotalWatch workstations are designed to be interfaced with the optional Performance-Based Navigation suite that includes fuel management, chart downloads and corrections and ship telematics.

Standard Features

Features that come as standard with the TotalWatch workstation include:

  • Digital controlled interswitching to interface up to six transceivers and displays
  • Complete Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) functionality
  • Automatic clutter suppression
  • Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) and Automatic Identification System (AIS) interfaces
  • Tracks up to 100 radar and AIS targets
  • Multi-layer user-created radar maps and voyage plans
  • Multi-purpose display window for user selectable information

Support Single Watch Keeper Bridge Requirements

The VisionMaster FT TotalWatch allows simultaneous applications to be executed on one workstation, with easy switching between them. Having multiple functions available at individual workstations provides  redundancy for manning and bridge configuration. Watchkeepers can also create a combination of workstation functions and manning configurations to suit the navigational situation.

The TotalWatch is a perfect solution for Integrated Bridge Systems which allows the operator to set easily set or change the screen to the desired mode, from ECDIS to Radar to dedicated Conning Information Display. The multi-function system of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine enhances safety, efficiency and flexibility for users.


Optional Features

The VisionMaster FT TotalWatch Radar & ECDIS system can be configured to include a range of performance-enhancing optional features. Product features include:

Joystick Heading Control

Simplified autopilot control from the operators chair and easy switching between manual and autopilot mode, or other modes of operation.

Track and Speed Control

A powerful yet easy to use tool, to plan, execute and monitor track keeping functions. This feature also includes automated execution of voyage plan speed profile.

Dual Radar

The dual radar offers a seamless 360 degree view on a single screen and eliminates the effects of blind arcs.

Unique 3D and Sonar Underwater Topography

This feature gives increased safety, with a 3D display of ship, chart depth information and sonar data (if enabled). It also offers excellent visualization of potential swallow water hazards.

ECDIS with Radar Overlay

Get an integrated picture of radar and ECDIS for precise and safe decision making. Select, track and display information of local and AIS targets.


View CCTV on display and get operational flexibility through camera selection and window sizing.

Central Alarm Management

Functional alarm interface to configure alarms from the bridge and other equipment. CAM displays a warning when NAVTAX messages are received.

Fuel Navigator

The fuel navigator is a unique voyage decision support system to minimize fuel cost by optimizing route, speed and engine mode. The fuel navigator also offers automatic integration of weather and ocean current data. Optimal routes can be executed manually, via autopilot and/or speed pilot.

Navigation Radar & ECDIS